About Me
Hi, Everyone! I’m Zoe the owner and writer of this blog. I started nail art in 2013, but I started my Instagram on January 30th, 2016, just posting swatches of my polish collection. I started this blog March 12, 2016. I wanted to share my nail polish addiction with the world. I have turned this blog into a place to share my nail polish reviews and swatches. Feel free to browse my blog! The “Blog” page at the top shows all of my posts, and the “Contact Information” page shows how to connect with me or ask me questions. The “Disclosures” page tells you about PR samples and more.

Posting Schedule


Meet the Maker: Every Wednesday

Swatch & Reviews: Once or twice a week

Monthly Nail Mail: End of every month

I will be updating this as I add, but this is just what I have for now.